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Microsoft Defender for Endpoint explained

Microsoft Defender for endpoint is an anti-malware solution for Windows systems and works hand in hand with Microsoft ATP, which is a post-breach solution.

An Anti-malware (often also called anti-virus) is software that detects, stops, and removes different types of malware. There are two forms of malware detection. The simplest form of malware detection is signature-based. This works by looking for certain known fragments of malware in files.

Cybersecurity risks of connected devices in healthcare

Healthcare is one of them most heavily targeted when it comes to cyberattacks. The only other industry that is targeted as much more than healthcare is typically financial institutions and government agencies (no surprise there). One of the main ways that healthcare companies are targeted is through the interconnected devices that exist in the building. If you think of a hospital room, you can imagine all of the different devices used to monitor the patient, collect information on them, administer drugs and so on.

How to be effective working from home

Many people struggle to stay focused as part of a remote workforce. When you are physically in the office you have nothing to do but work and your only distraction is typically the internet and your co-workers. When you’re working from home you can have several things that are distracting you, this can be your kids, the TV, Netflix, food, or simply the temptation of leaving your laptop and going to do something else. In addition to a lack of focus, many employees found that their mental health was negatively affected due to working home because of the pandemic. According to a study that was posted on Forbes 45% of people that worked from home said they felt that they were less mentally healthy while working from home.

How to do digital marketing for a cybersecurity company

Every company that needs to get clients can benefit from digital marketing. Digital marketing is everything that you do online to promote your products, services or build your online brand. One key component of being good at digital marketing is understanding the temperament of the industry you are dealing with; every industry tends to attract different personalities and they have different cultural norms. If you understand how your industry works, you can tailor your marketing strategy and be much more effective with your marketing campaign.

What is an Indicator of Compromise

An Indicator of Compromise (IOC) is a forensic artifact that identifies a potentially malicious activity on a system or network. IOCs are important for both prevention and detection of cyber threats. By inputting IOCs of new cyber threats into software products they can block any processes that match these IOCs and therefore detect the threat before it can get inside the network. IOCs that are used to detect an attack before it can compromise a network are also known as indicators of attack (IOA), they represent a proactive approach.

Best VPNs for online privacy

As we browse the internet we create tons of information that can be stolen and used against us for fraud or other crimes. Companies known as data brokers have a vested interest in collecting this information and selling it to other parties for a profit. It’s important that we take precautions to protect ourselves from organizations that may try to eavesdrop on our conversations or extract that information in other ways. One easy way to protect yourself while browsing the web is through the use of Virtual private networks (VPNs)

What does a cyberattack do to a company’s value

On average a security breach globally cost about $3.68 million dollars, 6.75 million in Canada and in the united states that cost is $8.64 million. It’s common knowledge that a cyberattack does damage to a company, but it’s not so obvious how a cyberattack may affect a company’s underlying value. Obviously there’s a labour cost to all the employees that will work to fix it but there are many other ways that a cyberattack costs a company money that may not be apparent.

How to write technical blog posts

How to write technical blog posts

A technical blog post is an article focused on the fine details of some type of technology or technical operation. For example, in ethical hacking many people write technical write-ups where they tell you exactly the steps they took to hack into a certain machine or exploit a certain vulnerability. These blog posts are very valuable to people that work at the operational level of a company where they need to implement a certain piece of technology, configure something or even understand a new threat/vulnerability that may be relevant to their company.