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How to be effective working from home

Many people struggle to stay focused as part of a remote workforce. When you are physically in the office you have nothing to do but work and your only distraction is typically the internet and your co-workers. When you’re working from home you can have several things that are distracting you, this can be your kids, the TV, Netflix, food, or simply the temptation of leaving your laptop and going to do something else. In addition to a lack of focus, many employees found that their mental health was negatively affected due to working home because of the pandemic. According to a study that was posted on Forbes 45% of people that worked from home said they felt that they were less mentally healthy while working from home.

Information Security Content Writer for hire

As an information security professional with over 5 years of experience I have worked with several different security tools, which has given me a good understanding of what companies look for in their products and services. Additionally, I’ve worked with hundreds of different employees and clients from analyst level up to C-suite executives. So I know how to communicate effectively to different audiences with varying levels of technical knowledge.