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Cybersecurity risks of connected devices in healthcare

Healthcare is one of them most heavily targeted when it comes to cyberattacks. The only other industry that is targeted as much more than healthcare is typically financial institutions and government agencies (no surprise there). One of the main ways that healthcare companies are targeted is through the interconnected devices that exist in the building. If you think of a hospital room, you can imagine all of the different devices used to monitor the patient, collect information on them, administer drugs and so on.

What is an Indicator of Compromise

An Indicator of Compromise (IOC) is a forensic artifact that identifies a potentially malicious activity on a system or network. IOCs are important for both prevention and detection of cyber threats. By inputting IOCs of new cyber threats into software products they can block any processes that match these IOCs and therefore detect the threat before it can get inside the network. IOCs that are used to detect an attack before it can compromise a network are also known as indicators of attack (IOA), they represent a proactive approach.

Best VPNs for online privacy

As we browse the internet we create tons of information that can be stolen and used against us for fraud or other crimes. Companies known as data brokers have a vested interest in collecting this information and selling it to other parties for a profit. It’s important that we take precautions to protect ourselves from organizations that may try to eavesdrop on our conversations or extract that information in other ways. One easy way to protect yourself while browsing the web is through the use of Virtual private networks (VPNs)

What does a cyberattack do to a company’s value

On average a security breach globally cost about $3.68 million dollars, 6.75 million in Canada and in the united states that cost is $8.64 million. It’s common knowledge that a cyberattack does damage to a company, but it’s not so obvious how a cyberattack may affect a company’s underlying value. Obviously there’s a labour cost to all the employees that will work to fix it but there are many other ways that a cyberattack costs a company money that may not be apparent.

How to write technical blog posts

How to write technical blog posts

A technical blog post is an article focused on the fine details of some type of technology or technical operation. For example, in ethical hacking many people write technical write-ups where they tell you exactly the steps they took to hack into a certain machine or exploit a certain vulnerability. These blog posts are very valuable to people that work at the operational level of a company where they need to implement a certain piece of technology, configure something or even understand a new threat/vulnerability that may be relevant to their company.

Does Cybersecurity pay well

Cybersecurity is definitely one of the higher paying technology fields, according to ziprecruiter in the united states the average cybersecurity salary is anywhere from $82,936 – $125,664 depending on which state you are in. This is around 2-2.5 times the national average and in addition to high pay cybersecurity also offers some of the most diverse ways of making money. You can make good money as a standard employee, freelancer, entrepreneur or as an investor.

What is a CVE number

CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures and it is a unique number assigned to a specific computer vulnerability. When someone refers to a CVE, they are referring to a security vulnerability that has been assigned a CVE number that acts as a unique identifier for that vulnerability. Most security advisories will mention at least 1 CVE, sometimes multiple CVEs when they are giving the breakdown of a new vulnerability. CVEs are assigned by a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA).

How to make sure file attachments don’t have a virus

If you’re someone that accepts a lot of emails from people you don’t know you should be wary of downloading something that may contain malware. If you ever look into your spam folder you will see a lot of those emails try to get you to either download an attachment or visit a link. Email attachments are one of the main ways that people try to trick people into downloading viruses onto their machine and some of them can be very convincing. This guide will give you 7 ways you can tell if a file attachment is a computer virus. 

What is a cookie on the Internet

As you browse the internet you will notice most websites have a pop up asking you to confirm that you okay with the use of “cookies”. In fact, many websites will not allow you to use the website until you agree to the use of cookies. Simply put a web cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer while browsing a website. Cookies are designed to be a reliable way for websites to remember information about your web sessions or to record your browsing activity.

Is Cybersecurity hard?

One common question for people that are learning about cybersecurity is, “Is Cybersecurity hard?”. Some people equate cybersecurity to fields like programming, software engineering or other very technical fields that can be very intimidating for people that don’t know a lot about computers. However, this isn’t the reality, while it’s true that there are some people that make their living as top class computer hackers and that requires extreme technical knowledge. Most careers in cybersecurity don’t require you to have an extraordinary level of technical knowledge or a super high IQ. Many people that work in Cybersecurity are normal people with normal IQs.