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Mohamed Elmi

Shimon is extremely responsible; not only is he accountable for conducting groundbreaking research at the Institute, but, as a leader, he impressed our entire department with his engaging and professional conduct at public events on behalf of IITM. Another characteristic I witnessed from Shimon is that he went above and beyond to help his colleagues […]

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Nicole Fallen

I have been working with Shimon for nearly a year at Business News Daily. He reached out to me offering his services as a freelance writer with in-depth IT and security knowledge, and I’ve been very pleased with his work so far. What impresses me most about Shimon is his willingness to tackle topics outside […]

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Ashutosh Syal

The DMZ is one of the world’s leading tech accelerators that aggressively pushes some of Canada’s top startups and founders to market. As a Programs Lead, I have had the privilege of working with Shimon. At DMZ, Shimon worked on building the fundamentals of his business. He met with executives in residence, mentors, potential customers […]

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Abhijeet Sarkar

I directly supervised Shimon during his time as a business developer at Typesift Inc at Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone. I was extremely impressed with Shimon’s ability to work independently and take initiative on all the tasks that he was given. Despite becoming a part of the company on short notice, Shimon was able to […]

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Graham Sogawa

Shimon continues to impress me and those around him with his knowledge, skill and dedication to Cybersecurity. He continues to excel as one of our top BTM co-op graduates. Shimon has helped to organize Cybersecurity events on campus that brought in some of the best professionals in Canada including thought leaders from firms such as […]

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Kermit Forbes

Shimon worked well independently and as part of the team. He showed interest in the work assigned to him and as a result he consistently sought to go above and beyond. Shimon worked with minimal supervision and is described by the team as a hard worker and a quick learner. His attitude towards the team […]