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Getting traffic to your website is one of the many challenges that a business will face when it is first starting out. If you have a lot of money you can take the shortcut and essentially pay for traffic to your website through paid ads, but this can get costly and once you stop paying the traffic will stop flowing. The second method is to generate organic traffic through the content on your website. This type of traffic takes longer to build but it will generate lasting and sustainable traffic to your website. Here, I’m going to over some of the best website content for generating traffic:

Blog Posts

Having a good company blog is a good way to explain your value proposition, provide value to your readers, establish expertise and generate organic traffic. If you generate a lot of content around your company’s services and products you will find people who are interested in those topics and are actively searching for them on the web. This way not only are you generating traffic but you’re drawing in people who are likely to buy from you.

Free Tools

Creating a free software product is another way to generate traffic. A great example of this is virustotal, this is one of the best free software tools and it gets a ton of traffic. Cybersecurity in general is an industry that loves to use open source tools, most professionals are tech savvy enough to get these tools installed and use them effectively in a professional environment. Therefore, if you can develop a useful tool and make it free to use on your website you can generate a lot of traffic and overall good branding just from that tool. You also have the option of making a premium version at a later date.


Long format content like a small ebook or whitepaper is a good way to establish your brand as a thought leader. While blog posts are good for high level information, longer form content let’s you go deeper into specific topics and it’s a chance to educate users on a specific problem and solution.

Statistics and Infographics

People are always looking for statistics and infographics related to cybersecurity. From your readers point of view this is important for market research, citing in their own blog posts, substantiating their business arguments and more. People are always looking for this type of content to back up their business arguments and if you can provide this content you will get a lot of traffic and backlinks, which are very important for improving your website’s overall ability to rank high in search engines.

How to and Walkthrough Guides

Another type of content that cybersecurity professionals are always looking for are how to articles. Software requires configuration, installation and maintenance, often times when something goes wrong the first thing people do is google a solution. If you create content on how to use certain cybersecurity solutions, how to mitigate certain vulnerabilities, how to configure firewalls etc you will get a lot of traffic from people that are looking for these solutions. 

Free Assessments/Consultations

By offering free initial consultations you open yourself up to potential clients that may not have been convinced to pay you for your time right off the bat. By offering free assessments and giving some value for free in the beginning you will attract clients who are likely to ask you for help later on if they are pleased with the initial consultation.

Cybersecurity News

If you’re one of the first people to comment on a news story then whenever someone searches for that event your website will appear as one of the top links. Even if your company’s domain authority is low, you can still rank high for certain keywords by being the first person to create content around that topic. 


One of the issues that you will run into when you start getting traffic is how to get people to keep coming back. One way to do this is to have a newsletter where people can receive updates and regular content from your website directly to their email. You can also buy email lists of people who haven’t signed up but showed an interest in cybersecurity and send content to them directly.

Social Media 

The last tip on this list is to advertise using social media. For cybersecurity twitter and linkedin are two good places to reshare content that is likely to reach people. You can advertise on other platforms as well but those are the main ones I would suggest you focus on to start. You can find online platforms that will allow you to take a blog post and share it across multiple social media platforms all at once, one example of this is socialqplus.