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Cybersecurity bootcamps can be very useful for people that want to make a career change or don’t want to go the traditional route of college. Canada was ranked as the fourth largest innovation hub for cybersecurity in 2016 and that makes it a good place for people that want to start a cybersecurity career. If you’re someone that’s interested in doing a cybersecurity bootcamp in Toronto, here are three good bootcamps to consider:

Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst

The Rogers cybersecure catalyst is a non-profit organization owned and operated by Ryerson University, located in Brampton, Ontario. They offer many services for helping people take advantage of the cybersecurity field. One of the services they offer is called the “accelerated cybersecurity training program”, it’s designed to help give women, new Canadians, and young workers the training they need to get into the cybersecurity field. As part of the training candidates get two recognized certifications GIAC security Essentials (GSEC) and GIAC certified incident handler (CGIH). In addition to the training, you will get career mentorship with experts and connections with employers for only $500.


BrainStation is one of the top providers of bootcamps in Toronto, Canada. They offer bootcamps in several different areas including cybersecurity, they focus on three areas within cybersecurity: Cybersecurity fundamentals, security strategy & Risk Management and threat landscape. 

UofT SCS Cybersecurity Bootcamp

University of Toronto (UofT) has their own intensive 24 week program that teaches proficiency in IT, networking, and modern information security. They focus on giving students experience with popular security tools such as Wireshark, Kali Linux, Metasploit and Nessus. This program has a part time option so you can do evening or weekend classes if you have to work around your current job.


Cybersecurity bootcamps are a good way to save money and time compared to going to college. Most bootcamps only take a few months and can put you in position to get a job within your field. Especially if you’re a woman, an immigrant to Canada or aged 18-25 I would highly recommend you apply within the cybersecure catalyst where you can get a full bootcamp worth of training and two certifications for only $500. If you’re stuck between the other two options, I would suggest reading this article on “are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it?” to see how you can tell whether or not these bootcamps can help you.