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Cybersecurity for startups in the 21st Century: Everything you need to know about protecting your digital assets in the 21st century (2021)

This book talks about one of the big issues of the 21st century for startups, cybercrime. As the internet has become an integral part of our everyday lives it has also created one of the most profitable illegal businesses in the world. Cybersecurity now causes billions of dollars worth of damages every year and has eclipsed drugs as the most profitable illegal business in the world. Startup companies in particular are vulnerable because they lack the security controls and resources of larger companies. This book is a one stop guide to everything you need to know about protecting your startup from cyberattacks. 

The Secret to Cybersecurity: A Simple Plan to Protect Your Family and Business from Cybercrime (2019)

The Secret to Cybersecurity is written by Scott Augenbaum, a 29-year veteran of the FBI who specialized in cybercrime. He uses real-life examples to educate and inform readers, explaining various scams, methods and different types of cyber crimes and how cybercriminals operate. What makes this book unique on this list is that rather than just focusing on cybersecurity for business or professional use it also discusses how to protect your family, with an emphasis on online safety for children.

Cybersecurity: Attack and Defence Strategies (2018)

This book focuses on helping companies improve their security posture by teaching how to have effective red and blue team programs. Red teams refers to the attack aspect, where he discusses how companies should recreate common cyberattacks in order to test how well their company is positioned to defend against real world attacks. While the blue team element is the defensive aspect, where he talks about how to use good defense strategies to improve the overall security of your company. By the end of this book you should have a solid understanding of both aspects. 

The Art of Invisibility: The World’s Most Famous Hacker Teaches You How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data (2017)

This book was written by a world famous hacker Kevin Mitnick who was convicted in 1995 and spent 5 years in prison for various computer and communications related crimes. He decided to use this situation to his advantage and put together this book that teaches people how to protect themselves and their businesses while operating online. 

The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography (2000)

This book is great for any entrepreneur whose business will be dealing with a lot of information that will require encryption. It covers encryption from a technical point of view, such as how it works as well as historically how encryption got started and why it’s so important. 

Cybersecurity Program Development for Business: The essential planning guide (2018)

This book targets company executives with the goal of providing deep expertise on Cybersecurity for a non technical audience. It focuses on describing the most important cybersecurity risks that a company will face and how executives can make good decisions to properly address them. This book requires no prior knowledge or deep understanding of cybersecurity topics, it’s intended for business professionals that need to get up to speed quickly and aren’t interested in the technical aspects of cybersecurity.