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Top 10 interview tips for cybersecurity

The average online job posting receives about 250 resumes with only 2-3% of people that apply for a job getting a job interview. The odds are heavily stacked against you, so when you do get a job interview you want to do the best you can. From the job interview about 20% of people will get a job offer, roughly 1 in 5. While this is a much better conversion rate, it’s still a fairly low percentage chance for any individual job.

Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps Toronto

Cybersecurity bootcamps can be very useful for people that want to make a career change or don’t want to go the traditional route of college. Canada was ranked as the fourth largest innovation hub for cybersecurity in 2016 and that makes it a good place for people that want to start a cybersecurity career. If you’re someone that’s interested in doing a cybersecurity bootcamp in Toronto, here are three good bootcamps to consider.

What is a cookie on the Internet

As you browse the internet you will notice most websites have a pop up asking you to confirm that you okay with the use of “cookies”. In fact, many websites will not allow you to use the website until you agree to the use of cookies. Simply put a web cookie is a piece of data stored on the user’s computer while browsing a website. Cookies are designed to be a reliable way for websites to remember information about your web sessions or to record your browsing activity.

Is Cybersecurity hard?

One common question for people that are learning about cybersecurity is, “Is Cybersecurity hard?”. Some people equate cybersecurity to fields like programming, software engineering or other very technical fields that can be very intimidating for people that don’t know a lot about computers. However, this isn’t the reality, while it’s true that there are some people that make their living as top class computer hackers and that requires extreme technical knowledge. Most careers in cybersecurity don’t require you to have an extraordinary level of technical knowledge or a super high IQ. Many people that work in Cybersecurity are normal people with normal IQs.

What is the Best and Cheapest Laptop for Gaming in 2021

Buying the best and cheapest laptop for gaming is a complex task. It is not because there are no alternatives on the market, but because tightest budgets are finding balanced and sufficient hardware, knowing where to sacrifice is the most important thing. If you consider yourself a gamer … in this article, you can find the best and cheapest laptop for gaming and check which one suits your needs in terms of price and technical features.

Six tips for Creating Secure Code

Whenever you’re developing an application one of the most important things you need to do from a security point of view is making sure that it is coded correctly. If you fail to do this your application will have several security vulnerabilities and trying to go back and fix it months or years later will be much more difficult. It’s best to build the application with all of the security features in mind, while the code is still fresh in your head. However, many developers don’t know what the best way to write secure code is and that’s why I made this article. This is a list of six tips for writing secure code for your software application.

Best Cyber Threat Intelligence Sources 2021

Cyber threat intelligence is all about gathering information about threats and threat actors that may help mitigate harmful events. Every day new types of malware are being created and it’s not realistic to expect your security staff to keep track of this information on their own. There are just way too many moving pieces, therefore cyber threat intelligence is important to help you focus on what’s most important to you. Companies do this by gathering information on threats that are targeting companies with a similar profile to their own. For example, if you’re a financial institution in North America, there are threat intelligence groups and sources that provide actionable intelligence tailored specifically for financial institutions in North America.

Why you should start a cybersecurity career in the military

Most people that want to get into Cybersecurity think of working for a business, while working in the private sector does offer higher wages you shouldn’t overlook working in the armed forces, especially early in your career. The military can be a good way to jumpstart your cybersecurity career, they have a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals and they have a massive budget for training and education reimbursement. Some people think of the military as an oppressive establishment, other people think its extremely honorable to serve your country in any capacity. I’m not going to get into the moral aspect here but I do believe that there are a lot of benefits to working within the military especially when you’re young (18-24).

4 simple exercises for getting a better physique

As you get older it gets more and more important that you focus on your fitness. Studies show that working out regularly has several health benefits, including better cognitive ability, less likely to contract diseases, increased confidence, better testosterone production and the list goes on and on. However, as you start working, raising a family and your list of responsibilities grow finding the time to workout gets harder and harder. 42% of Americans say that lack of time is the main reason why they don’t workout. Time is a real constraint but the truth is you can get a good workout in 15-20 minutes if you stick with simple exercises.